3 Reasons Why You Should be at Honeyberg Resort this Monsoon

It’s that time of the year again, the dark clouds have gathered and there is a chill in the air. Experience the first showers of the season as you sip in a warm tea, nestled in the warm and rustic room at Honeyberg Resort. Looking for a reason to get away from the urban hustle and embrace the monsoon with us? We’ll give you three.

Here are few reasons why Honeyberg Resort is the best resort in Hyderabad and a best resort for a family vacation.

  • 1. Delightfully Warm Coffee on a Rainy Afternoon:

    Being the best resort in Hyderabad comes with its own perks, ours being the warm and cozy coffee shop. Join us at Honeyberg Resort as the aroma of coffee and the essence of rain is in the air. Our finely brewed coffee will bring you closer to the nature and help you delve into the monsoon vibes.

    Either you are with your friends, family or significant other, the ambiance at our Coffee Shop will resonate within you and make you hum the monsoon lullaby. Laze around, have deep conversations, sip in the exotic flavours of our coffee and experience the monsoon like you have never before.

    Head down to Honeyberg and let us make your monsoon special as we help you create beautiful memories over a cup of coffee on a chilly rainy day.

  • 2. Perfect time to Unwind

    The monsoon is the best excuse to get away and spend some time with yourself. Let the warm drizzle of the monsoon wash away your worries and the euphoric spa at Honeyberg revitalize your senses. Be one with the nature as you free your spirit and travers the shores of tranquility. Honeyberg ensures that this monsoon season, you pamper yourself in love.

    The spa at Honeyberg provides serenity and luxury with experienced masseuses. Enjoy the luxurious pampering and aromatherapy scents, as the gentle drizzle rain elevates the ambiance. We reveal you the ancient secret of how to drift into a zen state and help you restore your sense of balance and well being. Enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing experience unlike any other in Hyderabad only at Honeyberg Resort.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us at Honeyberg this monsoon season and detox yourself off the negativity at our spa. Rejuvenation knows no boundaries here at Honeyberg and sense of place and sense of self are the same.

  • 3. A Drizzle of Heavenly Flavours

    There is no better feeling than the steamy food delight on a chilly rainy day. We offer this unique and euphoric experience to our guests at Honeyberg Resort. With a wide plethora of cuisines such as Continental, Italian, Oriental and Indian cuisine, Honeyberg is hands down the best restaurant and resort in Hyderabad.

    Enthrall yourself over a piping hot feast of flavors as the aroma of food and essence of rain unite, creating an ethereal environment at Honeyberg Resort. Our team of experienced and trained staff make sure that your monsoon retreat is the one to remember for ages to come.

    It is an age old truth that good food brings people together and good food had in the essence of monsoon is life's most civilized pleasures.

    What are you waiting for now? Join us at Honeyberg this Monsoon season as

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